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We are the only marketing agency specialised in Odoo.

Marketing Digital Agencia Odoo asesora
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We help you Acquire more clients with the CRM. Improve sales conversion through. Enhance your marketing campaigns using. Better segment your market using. Enhance client conversion using. Automate your marketing efforts with. Analyse and report your marketing results using. Optimise your SEO and SEM strategies using. Enhance the client experience using. Boost engagement on your social media using. Boost the efficiency of your email marketing efforts using. Develop customised content using tu ERP Odoo

Launch and boost your productivity with the solutions ERP ODOO offers.

We are the best team to boost your B2B or B2C business through Odoo

As a marketing agency specialised in Odoo, we are prepared to take your B2B or B2C business to the next level. We will utilise your Odoo to empower your marketing campaigns and better segment your market. Our specialisation will allow you to improve conversion rates and automate your marketing actions. We'll assist in personalising your customer experience, increasing engagement on your social media, and managing your email marketing actions effectively.

We are committed to implementing data-based marketing strategies that yield tangible results. Allow our team to help you transform your data into actions, enhancing client conversion, boosting your marketing campaigns, and refining your SEO and SEM strategies.

SEO Positioning

Position your website at the top to gain visibility

Advertising Campaigns

Discover the sales and positioning potential of running Google Ads or Social Ads


Create, customise, manage your e-commerce. All in one place thanks to ODOO

Design And Creativity

UX/UI, email marketing, personalised templates so that your product is understood at a glance.


Improve your customer experience, simplify processes, save valuable time, and maximise productivity while ODOO handles repetitive tasks


Manage, organise, plan and create content for your communication channels and social networks


Take control of ticket sales or manage an event, whether online or in-person


Navigate Digital Transformation with Trusted Experts

Navigate Digital Transformation with Trusted Experts We take pride in a history of successes, with case studies and client testimonials that reflect our ability to transform challenges into opportunities. Whether it’s improving operational efficiency, increasing profitability, or expanding your market reach, our consultants are dedicated to achieving exceptional results.

Our team of consultants works closely with you to identify growth opportunities, optimize processes, and employ digitalization as a catalyst for your success.

Unlock the full potential of Odoo!

You have the best tool, the best ERP in the market. Make the most of it!

Use the data and features of Odoo to empower marketing campaigns.

Use Odoo’s information to segment and target clients more effectively.

Use Odoo’s data to tailor and adapt marketing strategies, enhancing conversion rates.

Implement marketing automation to enhance the efficiency and efficacy of marketing actions.

Generate data-based reports and analyses to measure marketing activity performance.

Leverage Odoo’s capabilities and information to refine your company’s SEO and SEM.

Utilise Odoo’s data to personalise the client experience and enhance loyalty.

Use Odoo’s features to enhance management and interaction on social media platforms.

Employ Odoo to manage and automate email marketing campaigns.

Create targeted and customised content using Odoo’s data for more effective client outreach.

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Odoovers, a project backed by XGRO.

At ODOOVERS, we understand that the heart of digital transformation is customer success. With the strength and experience of XGRO in marketing and business strategy, our approach is fully focused on generating tangible and lasting results for your business. We are driven by a simple yet powerful philosophy: we win when our customer wins.

We win if you win

We pride ourselves on a proven track record of success, where each client benefits from our expertise to see their business not only reach but exceed its growth goals.